Art can be invisible

An ongoing goal of scientific research is to find a material that reflects absolutely no light, that absorbs every photon that hits it. A recent attempt, reported by Wired, resulted in Vantablack, a substance that was subsequently exclusively licensed by artist Anish Kapoor, who used it to coat a very expensive watch. Since the exclusive license prevents other artists from using Vantablack, rival super-non-reflective materials … Continue reading Art can be invisible

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Support me!

Just in case any readers were wondering how to alleviate that well-known problem of spare cash burning holes in your favourite jeans, I created a Patreon account, LOL, so that you can relieve yourself of cumbersome coinage $1 at a time to┬áreceive exclusive content from my insightful, hilarious, eloquent and observant virtual pen. GOAL: erm, replace my salary so I can devote my full-time attention … Continue reading Support me!

SUITS & empowerment

Series 7 of American law drama series Suits is currently airing on Netflix. I recommend watching it. (Power through the less interesting couple of middle series; the first few and last 2 are worth it.) Spoilers ahead! Why? The corporate buzz, the office politics, the loyalties, the plays for power, the deals cut, the secrets leveraged, the main characters’ indefatigable ‘There is no way we … Continue reading SUITS & empowerment