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Support me!

Just in case any readers were wondering how to alleviate that well-known problem of spare cash burning holes in your favourite jeans, I created a Patreon account, LOL, so that you can relieve yourself of cumbersome coinage $1 at a time to receive exclusive content from my insightful, hilarious, eloquent and observant virtual pen. GOAL: erm, replace my salary so I can devote my full-time attention … Continue reading Support me!

SUITS & empowerment

Series 7 of American law drama series Suits is currently airing on Netflix. I recommend watching it. (Power through the less interesting couple of middle series; the first few and last 2 are worth it.) Spoilers ahead! Why? The corporate buzz, the office politics, the loyalties, the plays for power, the deals cut, the secrets leveraged, the main characters’ indefatigable ‘There is no way we … Continue reading SUITS & empowerment

Emotional labour in 7 contrived anecdotes

One point of agreement between myself and ‘mainstream’ feminism is that emotional labour is a real thing. From my daily interactions with friends and family, it’s very clear that there are people who take initiative to facilitate the smooth running of gatherings and shared meals, people who think about what their friends and other halves might need or want in the short-term and execute that … Continue reading Emotional labour in 7 contrived anecdotes

How to overcome low motivation

There have been two periods in my life where I’ve suffered from severely low motivation. Both times, I have been faced with either indefinite or seemingly indefinitely long periods of free time, with very few commitments. Both times, I needed to use that free time to further a long-term goal. I like to think I’m quite driven and self-motivated, but what I found myself doing … Continue reading How to overcome low motivation

Growing out of role models

People I looked up to as a teenager included the following: friends who were actually nice to their siblings friends with better hair or dress sense friends who were openly loving and affectionate towards their families cousins with engagement rings full-time travel bloggers classmates who did more music practice people with jobs and independent lives rich people anyone who looked like they were excelling at … Continue reading Growing out of role models

Don’t be a lifezilla

lifezilla, n.: a person whose behaviour in planning the details of his/her life is regarded as obsessive, terrorizing, or intolerably demanding Brief thought for the day … In a previous post I wrote about being commitment-phobic and keeping your life options open. You never know when something or someone better might come round the corner! I think commitment-phobia is an illusory attempt at holding onto the … Continue reading Don’t be a lifezilla

When the world’s your oyster

You can do anything Reinvent yourself Have it all The world’s your oyster Sound familiar? These are the refrains of a generation obsessed with choice and freedom, and I’m their greatest proponent! I’ve reinvented myself once already and am soon to do it again (corporate world → philosophy → ???). Nothing whatsoever save my own will constrains my choices. There is no reason for me … Continue reading When the world’s your oyster

What’s wrong with barefaced cheek?

The other day I came across this article about men wearing makeup. My initial reaction was … no likey 😦 But I wear makeup every day (except if I don’t have to leave the house)! I’ve even been known to post my nail art on Instagram!! Hear me out before you smack down the ‘hypocrite’ line … What’s the problem? Why do I seem to … Continue reading What’s wrong with barefaced cheek?


In honour of this most dreaded of holidays I bring you a post about … relationships. The single people of today are as likely to be marking February 14th with an anti-Valentine’s party (after all, women need men like fish need bicycles) as with a bitter pity-fest consisting of an evening indoors and alone spent crying and watching simpering couples walk hand in hand along … Continue reading Schmalentine’s