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Support me!

Just in case any readers were wondering how to alleviate that well-known problem of spare cash burning holes in your favourite jeans, I created a Patreon account, LOL, so that you can relieve yourself of cumbersome coinage $1 at a time to receive exclusive content from my insightful, hilarious, eloquent and observant virtual pen. GOAL: erm, replace my salary so I can devote my full-time attention … Continue reading Support me!

Blog identity crisis

End-of-year announcement: I can’t write anything interesting any more. All my ideas are just sad reflections of things better-informed people have already published books about, books that I should probably spend my time reading rather than gabbling at the internet as I am currently doing. If I plough on, I will continue to spew out the sorts of naive and ill-informed viewpoints you’ve become accustomed … Continue reading Blog identity crisis

[1-year Blogiversary]

What a year of thought-provoking reflections, hilarity, and insightful commentary it’s been. I’ve enjoyed thinking about interesting stuff, being a tiny bit controversial, arguing with other writers, researching history, failing at social media marketing, and cultivating a nice-looking patch of internet with which to express myself. In honour of the occasion, here are my top 10 click-generators, top 5 undervalued articles, and a sneak preview … Continue reading [1-year Blogiversary]