New improved LOLs from my teenage diaries

By popular acclaim I thought I’d share some additional wisdom and frustrations from my teenage self. School I decided to bite the bullet and ask Mr X to give me back some of the essays I had printed off and given him weeks and weeks ago. Certainly a while before half term and possibly even before Christmas. So he rifled around in his big teacher’s … Continue reading New improved LOLs from my teenage diaries

The Circle of Life

Last weekend a number of events occurred on the same day: The 10th anniversary of my aunt’s wedding The birthday of her husband The 100th birthday of my great-uncle  The 2016th (?) anniversary of the Resurrection The anniversary of a dear family friend’s death As I sat in my uncle’s parish hall, celebratory prosecco in one hand, a smoked salmon canapé in the other and … Continue reading The Circle of Life