Objectifying your dreams

A few months ago I oh-so-dramatically announced my temporary retirement from the corporate world in favour of a masters in philosophy. I was aware of the strong millennial trends to #quityourjob, #dowhatyoulove and #pursueyourdream, but I’d like to think I wasn’t influenced by them too strongly. To briefly and blandly describe the reasons for this life decision, (1) I wanted some formal education in the … Continue reading Objectifying your dreams

Performing monkeys 🐵 🙊

aspiration and objectification in Black Mirror, Old Masters and social media I hadn’t heard of art critic John Berger before news of his death broke a few days ago. Today I happened upon this interesting article about his critical legacy in the field of the artistic treatment of women. What hooked me in was the initial quotation: A woman is always accompanied, except when quite … Continue reading Performing monkeys 🐵 🙊

The dual ethics of feminism

Consider the following controversial issues: Prostitution Page 3 Strip clubs Beyoncé videos Rihanna videos Other music videos Kim Kardashian’s naked selfies These topics all relate to women showing their sexual nature in the public sphere, and seem to engender (see what I did there) more heated debates than do other women’s issues. Consider some of the following for and against arguments that relate to these: … Continue reading The dual ethics of feminism